The school is dependent on sponsorship from overseas.  

Help a child to education and food by paying 200SEK /20€ per month.
Or be a porridge sponsor! Pay 50SEK/ 5€ per month, and a child can eat a cup of healthy porridge in school. 

The sponsors in Sweden and other parts of the world have helped the school to get:
- tap water
- school garden
- mentoring
- paid for teacher training
- porridge for breakfast
- lunch for the kindergarten children 

Become a sponsor today!

By filling this form you will get your sponsor child.

Upcoming projects

- The school is in rented land. We want to buy land to be able to develop the school with environmentally sustainable buildings and an organic school garden which can feed the school children.


You can also support the school by giving a one time donation for land or techers' education by following this link: https://www.gofundme.com/build-the-humane-school